1. Admission for classes 6th to 12th are open .To get admission, use online admissions link from the school website or contact the school office from 9 am to 1:30 pm.

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Posted on : 20-Jul-2020

Posted By : Admin User


Be it hot, be it is cool,
Coming everyday is the basic rule,
Yes, I am talking about my school.

There is magic in the books we read,
Which is most delightful indeed,
And studies are of course the basic need.

We like to dance, we like to sing,
But ding…dong…ding when the bell rings,
We all rush out as if we have wings,
We love our teachers when we can never forget,
The friends here are the best we ever met.

Our school is best we can bet,
School is nice & no place can replace it,
School days are always warm,
Not so hot ! not so cool !