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Celebrating 75th Year of Independence Day

Posted On : 14-Aug-2021 Posted By : Admin User

Celebrating our entrance of 75th year of Independence Day

“Nation First Always First”

We are proud to announce that our prestigious school has organized various online activities on the occasion of Forth Coming Independence Day of our country. The Activities were organized under the guidance of principal Ms. Anita Kackar & Activity In charge Ms. Sunanda Purohita.   Students actively participated in these activities. The details of these activities and their winners are given below-

1.     Class- VI           Activity - Hindi Recitation      Theme – Patriotism          

       Winners –

                      ·  Navya Bhati                          -           I 

                      ·  Kumkum Rathi                         -           II 

2.     Class- VII           Activity – Mask Making Competition   

       Winners –

                      ·  Devanshi Goyal                        -           I 

                      ·  Nandani Vyas                          -           II 

3.     Class- VIII & IX     Activity – Solo Dance Competition Theme – Patriotism 

       Winners –

                      ·  Diksha Gaur  (IX)                     -           I 

                      ·  Ayushi Solanki (IX)                   -           II 

                      ·  Kashish Vaishnav(IX)                  -           III

4.     Class- X             Activity – Patriotic Speech  Competition  in Hindi         

       Winners –

                      ·  Pranjal Kanwar (X)                    -           I 

                      ·  Shivangi Moolchandani (X)             -           II 

5.     Class- XI            Activity – Patriotic Speech  Competition  in English

        Winners –

                      ·  Farha Khanam                          -           I 

                      ·  Iram                                  -           II 

                      ·  Urvashi Tanwar                        -           III