Excellent Board Result of Class XII & X * 100% Result in Science, Commerce and Humanities * 100% First Division in Science * 87% First Division in Commerce * 97.65% First Division in Humanities * X- 10 students above 90%, 20 students above 80%

Principal Desk

A good educational institution is not adjudged by top quality building but the quality of Faculty & their spirit of dedication. We at Shri Sohanlal Manihar Girls' Senior Secondary School can surely boast that our faculty is not only technically sound, but their dedication and commitment makes SMS Jodhpur different from others.

We feel delighted to have achieved most of our goals set for our students in previous years. Now we are looking forward for years ahead in which laurels will be won. We have set our landmarks, realized them & have take up many new initiatives I convey my heartfelt gratitude to the Management and all the members of MSS for their constant and whole hearted support to us & to our students. I take this opportunity to appreciate the teamwork of all the Staff Members who are always there with full devotion to help & support students so as to make them good human beings and potential citizens of the country. I expect all parents to go through all the rules & regulations mentioned in the almanac for the proper functioning of the system.

Ms. Anita Kakkar