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Posted on : 19-Jul-2020

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The role of home and school is very important in the life of a child. Home is the first environment to which a child gets exposed to. The school comes after home. These are the places where the child learns the primary lessons of his life and the way to step in the complex world. Home and school teach the child to build relations with siblings, family members, with other children, with teachers. Also, they impart in the child the essential values like sharing, caring and loving others. The bond of friendship, humanity, and closeness gets nourished under the supervision of the elders. School is the place where a person learns the maximum of the attributes and qualities. He learns and gets aware o many of the new things about the world. School is a platform which helps a student to learn to interact and make new friends as per his choice.

There are certain roles which the school plays in the social development of a child. Some of the roles are:

• school helps in developing reading, writing and learning capacity of a child.

• It helps in developing social skills.

• It helps in building self-confidence in the child.

• It helps in building a better relationship with others.

• It helps in character-building.